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back pain

In most cases, pain in the lower back can be caused by a combination of excessive use, strain, or a direct injury to your back muscles and discs that support your spine.

Many experts state that over time, this muscle strain can lead to an overall imbalance in your spinal structure. This creates constant tension on your muscles, ligaments, bones, and discs, making your back more susceptible to injury or in many cases re-injury. Additional causes of back pain can include:

How to relieve back pain

Many doctors will refer you to a back surgeon before they send you to a chiropractor. This backward approach to treating lower back pain may result in an unnecessary and life-changing back surgery. Only in extreme cases are most back surgery procedures necessary.

In many cases, early treatment by our Chiropractors of your lower back pain can help you avoid many months or even years of treatment. Schedule a consultation today where we can speak with you and then identify the cause of your lower back pain and determine the best course of action to help get relief. Once we determine the best course of treatment, we put you on the right path to feeling better.

Our chiropractor will also help you establish proper habits and techniques. Proper posture is a major factor in the health of your back. Learning techniques common to your daily lifestyle and work also play a major role in the development or lack of development of low back pain. This includes using proper lifting techniques, avoiding repetitive motions, avoiding sitting for long periods of time, and more. We will show you the correct habits and techniques to protect your back from further discomfort and injury.


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